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Bitcoin Price history from 2014–2021.

Cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, investment & trading is nothing new (obviously). Bitcoin was created in 2009 and has been being developed and in use since — particularly since ‘13/’14, the primary objective having been decentralized networks for finance & community.

I remember an old friend years ago talking about Bitcoin, sort of trying to explain it to me. But some of its uses then were far different to now I feel, and I didn’t want to be in it. I was a little curious about the technology/innovation/security aspect of it I suppose, being half-a-geek - but the end of the day I had absolutely zero understanding of crypto, as well as zero concept of investment like I’m interested in now. Plus a very different mindset. That was back in 2015 or 2016 I think. I wonder if he still has any of that crypto now, heh.

Though I could say “Imagine how much they’d be worth right now!” if I had’ve got in then, I’m glad I didn’t. (No point spending too long looking back, either). In my personal opinion it was nowhere close to safe enough, too new, not understood, and risky. Certainly by lil’ ol’ me, anyway. Crypto is still risky, but adoption is happening. Innovation is happening. Technology moves forward.

Unfortunately too — a healthy “paranoia” is useful when it comes to crypto. Or at least a serious amount of research (#dyor). There have been coins, exchanges and other things come and go that HAVE been scams. That ARE scams — and you have to dig to have some sense of this (or, if you have a gut instinct it’s probably correct). There -are- people out there that have lost tens of thousands of dollars (and more..). There -is- shadyness that looks legit that you should be cautious of. You have to be extra careful when online these days, you really do. Many people know this, but I’m not sure everyone knows the ways ‘how’ to do this. Some don’t care or lack the awareness, education, research or time necessary to to take steps to protect themselves digitally.

Me: “I’ve started a Twitter to sort of share news & stuff if you are interested in learning a bit more or exposing yourself to crypto. It’s for others a bit, too.”
Family member: “And what do you get from that?” ($)
Me: “Idk, maybe helping someone else/sharing info. Twitter is very useful for news, though”.
Family member: “That’s nice =p”.
Me: “It IS nice thank-you very much =p”.

I suppose I do also have half an interest in cyber-security too, and I think most people should at this point if you use technology/are online. I’m not a programmer or anything in this regard, but I did use to do -some- programming (mostly dabbling in Webdesign), building PC's and other geeky stuff once upon a time. My first pc was 486 running command-line only Linux when I was like 12? (or something), and then Windows 3.1 (installed from floppy disks, man. Multiple.).

Information Technology is something you need to keep up with constantly, though. Things change quickly. I fell out of being involved in/keeping up with IT a decade or so ago - and it shows. Noobie. But the interest & some of my ‘geek foundation’ is still there.

Security & privacy are increasingly important especially today. The number of people that I know that have either experienced some kind of data breach/hacking themselves or know someone that has, I find a bit scary :/. As with anything, there’s always someone out there that’s gotta ruin things for the rest of us eh. Individuals get hacked, companies get hacked, homes get broken in, etc. I find it disgusting to think about and hard to mention, but it’s an unfortunate reality. There are steps you can take to protect yourself though.

I’m not here to make money, hype coins, manipulate/promote scams, or for any other reason than to put forward info/education, helpful tips, links, etc. Though sure — I wouldn’t say no to a little ‘productive’ hobby or passive income. As well as #DyoR I would say also to ‘make your own decision’ when researching/reading/watching. Do not blindly follow some Aussie like me online, or your favorite YouTuber for that matter. I’m simply sharing what’s real from my experience/sources I’ve learned. “Be your own advocate”.

The intention is not to always post about crypto, too. Perhaps I can post tips on some simple cyber-security steps, things you can do to make your data and your browsing a little safer. Even basic things.

Be safe out there, and in crypto + the blockchain.

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