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Browsers, Emails, VPNs, Firewall, Antivirus, tracking, privacy, digital/cybersecurity? If you’re looking for some quick links of things I might recommend & use personally you can find some here.
#Do your own research.

Some mains, (All of these have free & paid options):
Brave Browser / Brave Seach engine
Proton Mail
Proton VPN
Avast Antivirus
> There are plenty of good antivirus solutions out there. Try to keep your software up-to-date. Research antiviruses regularly/#dyor.
Glasswire (Firewall)
> Same is true for firewalls, variety of options around.

Some Australian exchanges:

Some nifty things:
Exodus Wallet (Crypto wallet — global)
Tezos Ledger (crypto storage)
Momentum (Browser extension, works with Chrome & Brave)
Medium (obviously)
MetaMask (Crypto Wallet extension)

Some tips/advice:
When googling, try not to click on ads at the top to get to a page that looks to be advertising that sites’ domain as an easy way to get to that URL. Some are phishing attempts & can be sophisticated. Ensure you click on the correct secure URL, or better yet go to the site address manually. That includes sites such as; Telstra, Google, Facebook, crypto exchanges, bank login pages, and more. Be careful.
- Don’t store/save passwords in your browser. (At least not critical ones..)
- Set up & use 2FA where possible.
- Keep up-to-date — Your operating system, phone, program updates. (Especially virus definitions, security patches, & so on).
You can consider using a secure password manager/extension, such as LastPass.
- Avoid using the same password for everything.
- Use complex passwords where possible. Long, hard to guess, a mixture of characters.
- Be extra cautious of email spam & scams, never open a link as a general rule. Always do a double-take.

“The safest place is offline” — someone I know.



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